Diploma in 2D Animation Art & Engineering

About Course

This one year program in 2D animation teaches you the traditional handdrawn craft, based on the practice developed by Walt Disney. It focuses on drawing techniques and anatomical knowledge. Stages of movements are analyzed and broken down into storytelling drawings which are then filmed in sequence, set to dialogue or music and composited using specialized software to produce fluid animation and henceforth, bringing the characters to life. Students then learn Adobe Flash to bring digital 2D animation to life.


Approved by
Government of Kerala


1 Year


SSLC & Above

Course Syllabus

Sem 1
  • Classical Animation
    • - Drawing Art
    • - Animation - Pre Production
    • - Production
  • Digital Animation Production
    • - Adobe Flash
    • - Photoshop
    • - Premiere

Career Options

Students will be proficient in premium 2D Animation skill set which are highly preferred in the job markets across India & above. The students will learn concepts of 2D Animation, Storyboarding and Creation of animated digital multimedia content for media using the tools and techniques as available in the Adobe Flash. After completing this program, they can take up job as: 2D Animator, Digital Animator, Digital Painter, Story Board Artist, Photo Editor and Video Editor.

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